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July 07, 2011



Curious as to why canola oil, is it my use of olive oil that's made me less than svelte?


Hi Robin, I think canola oil and olive oil come out about even nutritionally - I just use canola if I have it on hand since it's cheaper and has a very high smoke point. Otherwise, I use olive oil if it's all I've got, or mix the two if I want a little olive oil flavor without using up the $10 bottle faster than the $4 one.


This is what I'm talking about! Haven't tried that Penzey's blend, but I went through a phase some years ago with a Williams-Sonoma potlatch seasoning.

amy sue nathan

Garlic scrapes? Is it what it sounds like it is? The meal is going onto my "to cook" list.


The garlic scapes were a farmer's market find. They're just long, curly green stems, with a garlic flavor -- easy enough to leave out if you don't have them. I probably wouldn't substitute regular garlic since it has a tendency to burn over high heat and get bitter. A scallion or shallot would be a good sub. Hope that helps!

amy sue nathan

Yes it does! Thanks!

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