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March 30, 2011



I'm almost finished with your book (and think it's a great read and can't wait to review it in early May when my TLC book tour date comes up) and figured I would goggle Kitcherati. I'm pretty bummed that it isn't actually a website, but understand why you decided to make up a fictional one for your book. Best of luck with your upcomming book release. I hope to be able to meet you at Words in Maplewood next month!

Ann Garczynski

I am reading The Kitchen Daughter and enjoying it very much. Ginny is a great character in so many ways! I am also making a Quiche Lorraine as I type.


I must say I am a bit sad to hear that..lol

Mary Ann

"Curiosity killed the cat." It was curiosity that stopped me reading long enough to check out Kitcherati. I can not wait to see if Ginny stays in the house. I hope so. What a wonderful character. What a wonderful book. Congratulations to you!


Your book was not only page turning worthy but also grocery shopping necessary. Can't wait to try some of the recipes. Great read! Would love it if when I cooked my mom's recipes, she would appear.

Elizabeth of AsianinAmericamag

Well, after reading and enjoying your book, I really looked up kitcherati.com and couldn't find it. You wrote it so realistically, I thought it was for real ! Just the same thanks for this post. Interesting blog, will be back for more !


I just picked up the book today and was so looking forward to connecting my blog to kitcherati.com! Ha ha. Oh well. At least I now know about "the Simmer blog"! Thanks for letting us know.

vicki marshall

Have just finished The Kitchen Daughter and was thoroughly satisfied - cooking & a great story is a wonderful combination. Two of my favourite interests. Look forward to the next book.


In the very first recipe (Ribollita)in the book, you list kale as an ingredient on the notecard, but do not say what to do with it on the notecard. (You do mention it in the narrative.) Weird omission.


I fell for your book and looked up Kitcherati : and fell for that as well. I looked up the other mentioned websites and will visit them more often since I love cooking ( and working with mixed media as fabric & Paper ) Thanks for the fantastic story of The Kitchen Daughter, I loved it! And thanks for the tips.
Tonny from The Netherlands

Lisa M.

I had heard a lot about The Kitchen Daughter, and decided last weekend to download it to my Kindle. I ended up plowing through it in two days - well, two nights since that's the only time I can do any real reading! GInny is a wonderful heroine, and I loved the evolution of her relationship with her sister and nieces. I will look forward with great anticipation to your next book!

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