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February 03, 2011


*Just Fran*

Pomegranates call to me every winter, and I love this method to seed them. No mess. Works perfectly.


Here's an even easier way to get pomegranate seeds out: Once pomegranite is cut in hlaf, hold it over a loarge bowl (no water necessary) and bang on it with a wooden or metal spoon and the seed will just fall into your bowl. You may occasionally need to pick little bits of the white connective membrane out, but trust me this is the fastest way to get the seeds out.

Maria Orr

Love this trick too, use it every time! You say you are mystified by how you learned of it. I don't know where you live, but at my local store, Stew Leonard's, they had this method cleverly posted next to the pomegranates a couple of years ago. Good sales approach but a healthy one too for the consumer, perhaps your store did this also? Thanks for sharing, I think many people continue to struggle with it, so it is good to get it out there :-)

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