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July 07, 2009



We've been eating them a lot recently, and they're new to us. Elin found a recipe that involves julienned kohlrabi, walnuts, mayonnaise, apples and cream. Delicious.


Ooh, interesting! Sounds kind of like a spin on a Waldorf salad, with the apples and walnuts. Wouldn't have thought of putting those together -- definitely sounds like something I should try.

Kari Bonnet

LOVE them! My mom grew them in our garden when I was a kid. We always ate them raw, dipped in ranch dressing.


Huh. Were we definitely raised in the same small Midwestern town?? I do not know the words to "Fried Ham" and I did grow up with jicama (how/where my mother procured it, I can't imagine) . . . but no kohlrabi, ever. And since I'm pulling my regular Wednesday routine of "crap, the farmer's market was yesterday!" I guess I will have to wait yet another week to discover its wonders.

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