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May 21, 2009


Russ Carr

This week: sauteed some garlic in butter and olive oil, then some finely chopped spinach 'til wilted. Tossed with hot orzo and a healthy nub of chevre. Perfect side dish for our broiled salmon w/tarragon.

People don't use orzo nearly enough; it's better than white rice, cooks in a fraction of the time, and is versatile both hot and cold.


this sounds lovely & yummy & your pics loook delicious.

and feta lover question: have you tried watermelon-feta-fresh mint salad? very refreshing.


Claudia, sadly, as much as I love feta, that's how much I hate watermelon. So I have not tried that combo, though I've heard good things about it. Maybe with tomato as well?

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