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April 17, 2009


Russ Carr

I challenge you to do Guinness Week again next year, with entirely different recipes.

Jael McHenry

I'll take that challenge! There were a lot of braising recipes I had to pass up for the pork... mmmm, Guinness-braised short ribs. And Nigella's chocolate stout cake. Not sure about the ice cream, but I could always do the Guinness float or Guinness shake if needed.

Or possibly, I could try a different beer.

Louise Arnold

Don't attempt Nigella's Guinness Cake. Or do, but be prepared for something that oozes more grease than teenage skin, and tastes like burnt popcorn. Or do, and don't mess it up like I did.

One of these three is the correct choice.


Ooh, I will definitely look before I leap with Nigella's Guinness cake, Louise. If I want something that tastes like burnt popcorn there's obviously a much more direct route, which is to burn popcorn and have done with it.

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